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DO’s & DONT’s


Secure your Krypto Keepsafes®

It goes without saying to always keep your Krypto Keepsafes® protected. After eliminating high digital risk, there now becomes a small physical risk. It’s very important to keep your Krypto Keepsafes® in a cool, dry  secret place somewhere, where it can not be damaged, lost or stolen.

Diversify your assets

With digital currencies rapidly progressing and developing on a regular basis. It makes good practice not to keep all your eggs in one basket. Krypto Keepsafes® have and broad range of  different cold wallets to accommodate for different blockchains.

Follow Instructions

When it comes to advice for your Krypto Keepsafes® only keep to the information provided on www.kryptokeepsafes.com, the only one and official website for this product and avoid imitations.

Be Careful

There are no refunds given for bad decisions in the digital currency world. Although we do a little of the research for you by not developing wallets for currencies, we don’t believe have any future. Exercise caution at all times.


Reuse your Krypto Keepsafes®

Your Krypto Keepsafes® Cold Wallet is the most secure way to keep your cryptocurrency safe, but once the security seal is removed and the private key is used, that secret information is no longer a secret. It is highly recommended that you get a new Krypto Keepsafes® to store your digital assets and keep them as safe as they can be.

Risk more than you can afford

Although digital currencies have great prospects for continuing higher values in the future, only invest what you can afford to lose if something unforeseen was to happen creating a dramatic loss of value.

Share Information

Whether online, amongst your group of friends or work colleagues, discretion is always the best policy when it comes to protecting valuable items like your Krypto Keepsafes®.

Store your digital assets online

Always use Krypto Keepsafes® to keep your assets safe when not using them to trade online. There is extremely high risk for a hacker to steal your funds compared to someone physically being able to steal from you.