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What are Krypto Keepsafes®?

Krypto Keepsafes® are created for you by Crypto Concepts Australia. Bringing to you the safest and most secure way to hold your favourite digital assets, along with giving you a highly collectable masterpiece that is easily shared among your peers.

Every Krypto Keepsafes® packet contains and features:
  • beautiful, limited edition design Krypto Keepsafes®
  • unique coin ID, embedded in a security hologram.
  • QR code private keys that allows you to transfer the coin’s value anywhere you like, at any time.
  • air-tight polycarbonate coin preservation case.
  • 4 Tamper evident security seals (for DIY variants only).
  • Supporting instructional website.

Krypto Keepsafes® combine the beauty of detailed design with the ability to accommodate for the cutting edge value of the world’s digital currencies.

An Investment

As an investment, Krypto Keepsafes® are a very smart choice. Krypto Keepsafes® are the digital equivalent of a high security bank vault, protecting the value of your favourite digital currencies in what the industry calls “Cold Storage”. This means that its simply impossible for internet criminals to steal the digital currency once stored on a Krypto Keepsafes®.

A Collectable

Krypto Keepsafes®️ put a lot of pride and effort into the quality of the workmanship of each piece. Made in limited editions, Krypto Keepsafes®️ are much more than just a safe way to store your digital currency. Since each design is being produced in very limited quantities and then retired forever, there is a very limited window of opportunity to get a hold of any particular one. Krypto Keepsafes®️ are an opportunity to own a premium digital currency collectable.

A Gift

Krypto Keepsafes® are simple and effective mean to share cryptocurrencies with friends and family. A special gift to a digital asset enthusiast, getting a loved one invested in crypto, or a last minute stocking stuffer, Krypto Keepsafes® are sure to please!

Questions about Krypto Keepsafes®? Feel free to email us at support@kryptokeepsafes.com or send us a message through our contact page.