New and Upcoming Cryptocurrencies to watch out for!


The stunning rise of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum has provided a massive boost to the development of new digital currencies. Increase in internet connectivity and varied digital marketing options has made it easier to reach out to members of the crypto community with regard to a new product offering. Notwithstanding market volatility, there has never been a better time for crypto investors to invest in new and upcoming cryptocurrencies. This blog will discuss some of these cryptocurrencies which are worth watching out for in the coming days.


SXP is a decentralized digital currency that powers the Swipe Wallet. Users can transact cryptos and fiat currencies directly within the Wallet application as well as purchase Gift Cards. The SXP token is available on both Ethereum and Binance blockchains which makes it a powerful asset for peer-to-peer transactions. Another advantage is that holders of SXP can use their tokens to cover transaction charges on Swipe network, including transfers through Swipe wallet and Swipe Visa card. The SXP token and Swipe Visa card are currently accepted at over 60 million locations globally, and hence this is a cryptocurrency with a lot of potential.

PI Network

Validating transactions of cryptocurrencies (or mining) is considered to be a technology-heavy task, where specialized hardware is required to facilitate the mining process. In this regard Pi network, a digital currency project, has caused a stir by offering users the opportunity to mine Pi coins from its smartphone app. The founders of Pi network have claimed that the mining of cryptos will not overly drain the smartphone’s battery power and this has led to a large number of users jumping on the Pi mining bandwagon. The Pi network is still in the testing phase; however, predictions are already being made about its price once it goes live and thus, this is an exciting crypto which can possibly change the dynamics of the crypto market.


Kava uses multiple cryptocurrencies to allow its users to borrow and lend assets without requiring a traditional financial intermediary. Kava is considered an emerging Decentralized Finance (DeFi) project; its USP is that, instead of being run on Ethereum like most DeFi projects, Kava is built on the Cosmos blockchain which provides additional functionality. Platform users can take out collateralized loans to create synthetic leverage for supported cryptocurrencies. These are denominated in USDX, a digital currency pegged to the US dollar. By leveraging a feature called zones in Cosmos, the Kava project broadens the number of crypto assets borrowers can use to include Ripple, Bitcoin etc.


Launched in April 2020, Solana has been marked as a better version of the more established Ethereum. It is a PoS (proof of stake) blockchain as compared to PoW (proof of work) blockchains like Bitcoin. PoS is considered to be more environmentally friendly as compared to PoW as it consumes less electricity while validating transactions. Solana holds a price advantage over Ethereum where it has a larger throughput leading to lesser fees for transactions. A drawback of this cryptocurrency is that the validator requirements are high which can make the network less decentralized; however the fact that Solana has now emerged as the 7th largest crypto in the world after leapfrogging more established rivals means this is a prospective winner in the long run.


The HEX cryptocurrency token was launched on the Ethereum network in 2019. Its market differentiator is that it claims to be the first blockchain certificate of deposit which rewards investors who lock up their holdings for a certain time period. Holders are rewarded as a result of token price appreciation and there are penalties for early withdrawal. HEX is faster and cheaper to transact and its security is driven by Ethereum. It is advantageous to investors who are willing to place their stake in this cryptocurrency for an extended period of time as a result of accumulated gains. HEX coins founders hope that this digital asset can be a viable alternative for long-term safe investments e.g., gold, fixed deposits etc. While this may still be some way off, the steady rise in HEX’s price suggests that this crypto may be in for the long haul.


SelfKey is a blockchain based identity management system which empowers identity owners to control their digital identity and to request document certifications from certifiers e.g., eNotary services. This allows users to instantly and securely access products and services without having to undergo an extended KYC (Know Your Customer) process. The SelfKey token (known as KEY) is used as access rights and payment units within the network. The SelfKey network encourages people to buy and hold KEY in accordance with the trust framework – misuse of identity data will result in loss of stake. This unique capability of the KEY digital token suggests that, down the line, it may be one of the disruptive cryptocurrencies in the market.

Final Thoughts

The above-described list of new and upcoming cryptocurrencies is not a comprehensive one, however these are likely to be important players in the crypto market in the future. With new digital currencies being launched every other month, the crypto market is constantly in a state of flux and hence, the ability to identify winners from this list of cryptocurrencies will be the differentiating factor among investors. Hopefully, this analysis of potentially successful cryptocurrencies has given a boost in your quest to unearth the “next big thing”!