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Security Protocols

Security of Private Keys

The integrity of this process is paramount to our product’s success, and this production process of every Krypto Keepsafes® is strictly overseen by our Managing Director. The keypair is generated on an offline computer. Each computer is wiped clean and all data is destroyed after each series is produced.

Unless you peel off the hologram seal on your Krypto Keepsafes®, no one can have access to your private key information.  We execute the manufacturing process as per the steps below, so we end up NOT keeping any record of private key information. Therefore, even if you ask, we will have no way of telling you, since we simply do not know.  It will be your responsibility to safe guard it properly.

#1 Generate public and private keys on an offline system, strictly overseen by our Managing Director
#2 Affix Krypto Keepsafes® keys, by adhering the same serial 6 digit public key code,  private key (QR code) and tamper evident hologram seals, to the Krypto Keepsafes®.
#3 Record Information on all productions, procedures and condition of every Krypto Keepsafes®, ensuring all keys are correct before packaging.
#4 Obliterate all private key data, that means completely destroyed from existence.

Questions about Krypto Keepsafes®? Feel free to email us at support@kryptokeepsafes.com or send us a message through our contact page.